The Vault Protector

Partner With HyFi and Claim up to $10,000 in Rewards

Jump on the 100,000 HyFi NFT Vaults offering from a publicly-traded US company and get the opportunity to claim real 5 ounces 24K gold and lab-certified natural diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires.

The HyFi Vault Guarantee

A HyFi Vault is a loot box guaranteed to contain one Athena NFT, a HyFi Membership Slot, HYFI tokens, and other randomly available assets.

Owning one grant you admission into an ecosystem that funds and promotes green energy-focused companies, with various opportunities to earn great rewards.

Why Athena?

Born of Zeus, baptized in war, clothed with justice, and endowed with wisdom, Athena reigned as the Protector of Greece and the Patron of Athens.

For her unconquerable skills in handicrafts and metalwork, her legend lives as the goddess of science and technology.

She brought hope and a means of livelihood to many. Little wonder she is the most celebrated goddess among the Olympians.

Her dual personality across two wide spectrums of life makes her the ideal character to represent the HyFi story. As a goddess of inventions, her personality influences the technology side of the Athena NFT project deeply. At the same time, her attributes as a protector play out in our quest to protect the earth from itself through carbon emissions.

What’s the Main Idea Behind the HyFi Vault Athena NFT?

For years, there’s been a huge push for green energy and the quest to reduce carbon emissions. However, one pressing challenge facing this movement is the number of key players who are not ready to make that switch and a continued dependency on oil and gas. And many of those see green energy solutions as imperfect and expensive. 

Another major challenge is the lack of adequate funding for existing and upcoming green tech companies seeking to break into the green world or launch eco-friendly projects. While we cannot directly fix the first problem, we realized that HyFi could create a system that will significantly impact the second problem.

So, the primary idea behind building the Athena NFT collection is to offer win-win opportunities for companies looking for extra funding for their projects and to enable investors to leverage these projects to earn ROI from their investments.

Inside a HyFi Athena NFT Vault

Every Athena NFT Vault contains prized assets, most of which are synonymous with the character of Athena. 
Athena NFT

The major 3D artwork of the HyFi Athena collection is found in 20,000+ vaults.

Glauk NFT

3D artworks of Athena's owl, “Glauk,” found in vaults not containing Athena artworks.


The historic bronze shield of Athena embossed with the head of Medusa, the Gorgon keeps the goddess safe from spears, swords, and arrows.


Once worn, the bronze helmet covers Athena's head, except for her grey eyes, lips, and edges of her dark hair.


Athena's traditional weapon of warfare with a finely-engraved owl at the tip. She's swift with it and ruthless in thrusts.

The Owl of Athena Gold Coin

 the commemorative coin in honor of the Greek goddess with 5 ounces of real gold.


Lab-certified natural diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds worth a range of 1 - 2.69 carats.

Other Perks in a Vault

Membership Slots

2 years to lifetime membership access to the HyFi ecosystem.

HYFI Tokens

our native tokens are already trading on Bitmart with plans to list on other exchanges

HyFi Ecosystem Credits

credits are necessary to conduct various forms of transactions in the ecosystem.

Vault Rarity
We are offering 100,000 HyFi Vaults categorized under two rarities. The first category comprises 80,000 3D artworks primarily focused on Glauk, while the second category is 20,000 3D artworks based on Athena.

Each category has perks, and its vaults are available to the program’s participants randomly. However, the most prized assets in the program are only available in the second category.
One Blue Chip = Over $10,000 Dollars In Rewards
Blue chips are the rarest assets in the collection, comprising 200 Athena 3D artworks engraved with either 5 ounces of 24K gold Owl of Athena coin or a lab-certified natural gem, such as diamond, emerald, ruby, or sapphire.

Unlike similar offerings from other projects, you can redeem these precious stones from our online custom jewelry partner, "Gem of a Diamond."

Getting one of these precious vaults gives you several perks—including the value of the gold or gems—summing to over $10,000 in rewards.

Equal Opportunities for All

At HyFi-Corp, we believe in equity and fairness. As such, all vaults sell for the same price of $1,500 and are distributed randomly to the program’s participants.

You have equal opportunity as everyone else to get one of the precious Athena vaults.

So What’s HyFi-Corp

The HyFi Vault Athena NFT Program is the brainchild of the C-Level Executive team of HyFi Corp., a publicly-traded US company, in partnership with Lithuania’s 2022 Fintech Innovator of the year “Super How?” and Sanctum (Art) Studios from Los Angeles, whose team has worked on various movies and other projects with Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Black Adam and more.

HyFi Corp. management team is renowned for being associated with eco-friendly solutions long before HyFi and the idea behind the Athena NFT vault project was even conceived. So we’ve been in business for years and have a track record of engaging in various waste-to-energy and green projects.

Beyond the energy market, we’re focused on other sectors such as agriculture, medical technology, and environmental projects, including waste remediation and clean water.

Why Should You Buy HyFi Vault

Apart from the chances to claim one of the blue chips and

Opportunity to invest in green energy companies using the HyFi ecosystem to raise funds.

Claim real 5 Oz gold and lab-certified natural diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires

Partake in a project with real-world case use.

Assets are tradable in secondary NFT marketplaces, such as Opensea and Rarible.

Presale Pricing

$ 1,500

per Vault
Less a 10% discount (net $1,350 each) for quantities of 1-4 Vaults

$ 1,500

per Vault
Less a 15% discount (net $1,275 each) for quantities of 1-4 Vaults

$ 1,500

per Vault
Less a 20% discount (net $1,200 each) for quantities greater than 50 Vaults

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